Monday, March 28, 2016

A Windshield Wiper On Your Motorcycle Helmet?

For those of you who ride in the rain and are fed up with trying to ride while pawing at your shield or turning your head from side to side to get the drops to blow off comes Rainpal - an electric wiper for your full face shield.

The Rainpal’s inventors claim it fits onto most full faced helmets, has multiple wiping speeds including a delayed speed, holds and disperses visor cleaning spray, and charges via USB. It can be detached in seconds when not needed, and Rainpal claims they’ve tested it up to 100 miles per hour.

The wiper is controlled by a button on the side or a wireless remote which is strapped to the bars using a watch like enclosure system and comes with hot swappable batteries, which provide 90 minutes of continuous swiping.

Rainpal claims the kit will even diminish visor fogging too. That fogging is caused by differences in temperature on the interior and exterior of the visor, and keeping cold water off the front helps reduce the temperature Delta.

Unsurprisingly, this invention comes from England, where it rains a lot. The Rainpal weighs 150 grams which shouldn’t add too much weight to the motorcycle helmet, but could feel odd concentrated on the visor.

Face it! The Rainpal looks dorky.  I personally think it is the worst idea ever.  What does that mean?  It means that they will probably sell 10,000 of them today....I am always wrong on these things.

The Rainpal retails for $70 for the black version, but you can pay an extra $1.25 for one with a U.S. or English flag on it. For those of you who ride in the rain, would you wear one?

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