Friday, April 29, 2016

Matte Black vs Gloss Black Motorcycle Helmet

Jason asks,So I am ordering a motorcycle helmet today and there are two options available; Matte Black and Gloss Black.

I personally like the Matte Black look better but I am just wondering will things like cleaning a Matte helmet be harder than a Gloss helmet?

Will dirt/small rocks flinging up and hitting the Matte helmet leave more noticeable marks than if they were hitting a Gloss helmet?

The colours are both the same price, I am just unsure of which is better."

Jason, Gloss black. Matt black looks like shit once it picks up a few scratches. With a gloss helmet you need to be close to see those marks. Also, Gloss reflects heat a bit better and is more visible at night (due to reflections of light).

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