Thursday, June 30, 2016

Biker Sunglasses

Brent just wrote use saying:

Todd, got these riding glasses today and they are way
Better than I thought they would be!
To say I'm highly satisfied is an understatement.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

BSF-B99 - Snell M2015 Full Face Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

Get your wallet out!  This BSF-B99 - Snell M2015 Full Face Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet is expensive but well worth it. This motorcycle helmet has:

Advanced Carbon Composite shell
Extremely Lightweight
Patented Quick-release Visor Mechanism
Air-tight Visor
Comfortable, Removable and Washable COOLMAX Liner
Good ventilation system design of EPS
Stainless Double D-Ring
Comply with SNELL M2015
Weight: 1500±50g
Available sizes: XS-XXL

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Montblanc's Dapper New Motorcycle Helmet Is Nice Enough to Wear With a Suit

Montblanc motorcycle helmet
Typically known for its fountain pens, Montblanc slides into unexpected new territory with its latest motorcycle helmet design. The brand has created a full-face or open-face option, stylish enough to be paired with a suit. The pieces are an all-black, luxury take on 1970s racing, featuring perforated leather details familiar of old racing gloves. The motorcycle helmets also come with a refractive coating, as well each its own visor.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

We are famous on Reddit....Again

[–]JustNotHavingAnyFunGSX1300R 38 points  
[–]atomicllama1 18 points  
I was having a shit day a while ago, driving into work on halloween knowing I wasn't going to be off till 11pm.
Then I saw cookie monster fly by me. I laughed for a good couple minutes and decided not to have a bad day.
[–]ronoverdrive 4 points  
Was he chasing a guy with a giant plush cookie on his back?
[–]CToxinJust a rat in a cage 6 points  
Well that's a fun idea if I ever get a riding buddy.
And a ride.
And a buddy.
[–]brendan87na'02 Kawasaki KLR650- '08 SV650s 2 points  
me irl
[–]atomicllama1 1 point  
No but that would have brought a tear to my eye.
[–]Iamjmax 13 points  
I love laughering.
[–]atomicllama1 1 point  
[–]strayclownklr 650 4 points  
I's okay, we all laugher sometimes.
[–]Iamjmax 1 point  
Before you edited your post, you spelled 'laughed' as 'laugher'. Just an attempt at humour on my side
[–]teedumptyNC | Bolt R-Spec 3 points  
I wore one of these the week leading up to Halloween, and the looks I got were great. Had at least one guy get out of his car to take a pic.
Never felt more safe and visible while riding.
[–]ibdx 7 points  
These have been around for a while (e.g. mammal helmet cover.
Hopefully the owners wash them frequently. Imagine the bug guts washed around in the rain.
[–]Narcoleptic_red15 GSX-S 750 5 points  
I have one, I only wear it on special occasions. Like when I'm going to be meeting my family somewhere. My kids love it.
[–]FutboleroR10 4 points  
Check out my Elmo helmet I made, it gets a lot of attention. Also just realized I don't have any pics of it with me on the bike.
[–]CLIT_YEAST_WOOD'07 GS500FH 2 points  
just realized I don't have any pics of it with me on the bike
that actually makes it kind of creepy, lol
[–]FutboleroR10 1 point  
This was actually my holloween "costume". Went surprisingly well with the little kids. I also thought it was gonna be creepy as hell since I don't have fur on the body lol. I want to do the full suit one day.
[–]halcyonson 3 points  
There's an Elmo rolling around my town.
[–]azreelVMAX 3 points  
I've got a custom made one similar to this. It is FAR more effective than any hi-viz vest or jacket. I literally have people stopping to take photos at every single stop light. Honks, waves, etc. on the freeway. It's awesome.
[–]squatch95 2 points  
This makes my heart happy
[–]DesmocraticDucati 999S, 848, CB550,CX500, VFR800, YZF250 5 points  
[–]matvavnaSuzuki V-Strom 650 Adv 2 points  
Was this in colorado? I saw a guy with a helmet like that just the other day
[–]palmbeachnole'07 GS500[S] 18 points  
Florida actually. But we can't rule out the idea that they might be the same person.
[–]Viraus2Santa Cruz, 675 Triumph Street Trips 4 points  
I was just gonna suggest bay area since I've seen that exact one here. Guess it's not as custom as I thought...
[–]squatch95 2 points  
How have we not seen someone ride with a t-Rex costume yet
[–]Remigus92 Nighthawk 750 7 points  
[–]CodedAparition 1 point  
It had to be Dan lol
[–]gothelin2011 Hunter Daytona (Binky) | 2012 CB125E 1 point  
I must have this! That is amazing!
[–]BeasthuntIndian Scout 1 point  
[–]drugmonet'14 FXDF -1 points  
Holy shit, I need to get a helmet just so I can get one of thems....
[–]squirrel_stalins1000rr -4 points  
Animal from "The Muppet Show"...must be a man-child.