Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Zebra Motorcycle Helmet Cover

Zebra Motorcycle Helmet Cover
We have the perfect handmade Zebra Motorcycle Helmet Cover for you.  When we say handmade, we mean hand made by people who are not Chinese.  The "maker" is also older than 8.  She claims it takes her 2 hours to make each one.

The eyes are plastic balls which make it look closer to a cartoon image.

Zebra will fit (almost) any size helmet (Probably not on an XXL or larger) and he slips on and off the helmet in seconds.   It is kept in place by elastic that is stitched in the bottom of the cover that keeps it nice and tight on the motorcycle helmet.

Zebra Helmet Cover also keeps your helmet from scratches and chips.

Zebra can interfere with the ventilation of your helmet, but he also reduces road noise a bit.  

Zebra may slightly vary from the picture because they are all handmade. 

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