Monday, July 25, 2016


The Headwave TĀG transforms your motorcycle helmet into a concert hall. With easy installation, no cables, and strong bass, TĀG produces a superior acoustic experience fitting for the open road. Using coherent sound waves generated via transduction, TĀG is actually mounted on the outside of the helmet. It has a self-adapting curvature to adapt to all different sizes and models of motorcycle helmet. No cables or interior installation means that it doesn’t affect the fit of your existing helmet.

Using a tailored industrial strength adhesive, setup takes less than a minute. Simply peel off the adhesive and affix to the recommended area on your helmet and voila, installation is complete. It is also employed in mounting external parts on cars and trains so there’s no risk of it falling off. Additionally, the adhesive can be removed without any tools so that TĀG can be transferred to a new helmet without leaving any residue. The sound is immersive – the music plays from all around you, something Headwave calls “environmental listening.” It’s like being at your own private concert; hence the phrase “Concert Capsule."

Furthermore, the vibrations create powerful bass tones so you feel, rather than hear, the music. Founder Sophie Willborn said, “TĀG is the only system designed purely for music - This will permanently change your riding experience.“ Users have described TĀG as “brilliant and simple to use“, “great design and strong bass“, and “TĀG has changed how I ride forever“.

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