Saturday, August 20, 2016

Local Bikers Escort Boy With Down Syndrome To His First Day Of High School

Sean Gaffney was getting ready for his first day of high school in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Because he has Down Syndrome, Sean's family was worried about him being bullied by his classmates. So, they took to Facebook to find some extra support.
Word spread quickly...

Local motorcycle clubs heard about the Facebook post and organized a very special escort for Sean on his first day of school.

The goal was to make Sean one of the coolest kids in school and let everyone know that they would have his back.

Sean's parents were overwhelmed by the support. They never could have imagined Sean’s first day of high school would be so special.

The bikers even gave Sean his very own customized motorcycle helmet.

Thanks to the kindness of these bikers, Sean has made new friends — and the ultimate protectors — for life.

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