Friday, September 30, 2016

Jake Loves Our Shirts

Iron Horse,

I just received my order last night of some t-shirts I ordered from you guys. I wanted to thank you for the amazingly fast delivery and great shirts. This was sort of a trial run to make sure the t-shirts were good. Nowadays I order t-shirts on the internet and most of the time they come to me and a size XL is the size of a medium for some Euro trash consumer. Not to mention I am usually paying $25 or more for a friggin t-shirt. Your shirts are full and not tapered like everyone who wants to show off their no existent biceps and chest. I am 5'10" 225 and finally, I got a shirt that does not fit me like some spandex spanx. I wore my black rifles matter shirt to the gym this morning, that of course goes over well in the people's republic of Connecticut.

I will be ordering more from you guys now that I know the shirts are not made for some skinny bitch. Fortunately, you guys cater to a little different clientele. Keep up the great work. Thanks again.



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