Thursday, October 27, 2016

Motorcycle Helmet Visor Stickers

Motorcycle Helmet Visor Stickers

More Motorcycle Helmet Visor Stickers are here.  Check them out and order yours today, or tomorrow, or next week.  Hell, don't check them out if you don't want.  It's still a kind of free country.

Protects the shield from scratches
Material: Plastic
100% see-through
Just peel and stick
Waterproof – just clean with damp cloth
One size fits most

1. Clean and dry the helmet shield using a lint-free towel.
2. Peel backing from the sticker, making sure the adhesive side does not come into contact with any other surface or onto itself.
3. Apply the sticker at the center of the shield and work your way outwards. Apply firm and even pressure with index finger to avoid creasing
4. After the application is complete, use a soft, clean and dry cloth to firmly press down and briskly rub over the entire patch area to ensure a tight bond with the surface. During this process, do not use any items other than your fingers as this may damage the shield.
5. All shields are waterproof. To clean simply wipe off with damp cloth.
6. To remove the shield sticker, just peel off and clean any remaining residue according to the manufacturer's direction.
Motorcycle Helmet Visor Stickers

Motorcycle Helmet Visor Sticker

Helmet Visor Sticker

Helmet Visor Stickers

moto Helmet Visor Sticker

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