Thursday, January 19, 2017

Warm ski mask

It is wild up in them thar hills. If you are looking to prevail through anything mother nature hurls at you preparation is key. Windburn, sunburn, frostbite, and yes even all kinds of precipitation pelting your face like thousands of tiny daggers are ofttimes the reality facing downhill skiers and boarders on the mountain. Even with a solid pair of goggles much of your face will be left exposed to the elements. Ski masks, balaclavas, bandannas, and a number of other cleverly designed gear options go a long way in reducing many grievances and protecting that pretty mug of yours. You’re in the right place, we’ve taken the liberty of gathering all of the best ski masks treasure we could find so you’ll be able to easily identify the best ski mask for you.

On this run, you can take a gander at the captain’s orders and a general discussion about ski masks. The next stop? An overview of the types of ski and snowboard mask designs that have grown popular among us mountain goer types. Technical balaclavas, half masks, neck warmers, 3 hole masks, 2 hole masks — we cover all the bases in our types of ski masks section. If you make it to the bottom and that’s a big if, you’ll find the treasure: the best skiing masks and the best snowboard masks of this year.

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