Monday, March 20, 2017

We live in a pretty cool world, don't we?

Let's stop for just one second and consider what an amazing world we live in. Not forty years ago, it was exciting for someone to buy a color TV that used a coat hanger as an antenna so people could see three hours of programming after work. Now we're mad that we can't watch full seasons of shows offline as part of our Netflix subscription. Forty years ago, every house had an encyclopedia and typewriters weighed as much as a small child. Now we've got phones that can hear our questions and instantly return an answer. The world we live in, which we kinda take for granted, is this impossible sci-fi of a life where each day we are drenched in what humans of the recent past would have considered magic.

Keep that in mind the first time you fire up our fiber optic helmet mohawk and have to do all the things one does to take control of a new awesomeness. When you're charging it up and thinking THIS IS TAKING FOREVER JEEZ, think about how incredible it is that you own fiber optics.

We live in a pretty cool world, don't we?
Fiber Optic Mohawk

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