Sunday, June 18, 2017

HUD Motorcycle Helmet – extending the rider’s reality

Heads-up displays (HUD) are nothing new in the car world, these days. That HUDs are functional pieces of kit cannot be denied. Having the necessary vehicle information displayed right in the driver’s field of view without having to take thier eyes off the road is a safety benefit. But things are a little more difficult for motorcyclists while wearing a helmet.

Hailing from Poland, Seemore is the latest in putting forward a solution for a motorcycle helmet HUD, following in the footsteps of BMW Motorrad and the now defunct Skully, as well as the Intelligent Cranium iC-R. Studies from the University of Michigan have shown that information absorption can be reduced by up to 1.5 seconds using a HUD.

Seemore’s solution connects with the rider’s smartphone to display information in the top right corner of the helmet visor using a prism. A module containing the display unit, controller and battery – claimed to be good for 12 hours – is installed inside the helmet, and uses Bluetooth for connectivity.

Aside from the usual speed readouts, the HUD can also display navigation instructions, traffic information, points of interest such as fuel stations, and the like. The HUD also displays notifications for incoming calls and messages, but there is no provision for reply.

An interesting feature useful for those on group rides is the ability to display the location of every rider, and the distance between them. Should one rider drop beyond a certain distance, the Seemore HUD app will come on and notify the group of the location of each rider.

A rear view camera can also be supported, installed on the bike and connected via Bluetooth. Seemore has no plans to make its HUD available to the public, but dealing directly with helmet manufacturers as the module needs to be designed into the helmet for safety reasons.

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