Saturday, August 5, 2017

Neoprene face masks

Iron Horse Helmets has a wide range of neoprene face masks. Using a neoprene face mask for riding motorcycles, quads, bikes, skiing or snowboarding will keep you protected from harsh weather conditions, like you would find skiing and snowboarding in the Alps, USA or Canada. Neoprene Face Mask is both water and wind resistant, as well as being comfortable to wear. Neoprene face masks keep you warm (they are also available with a fleece lining) and repel water. Designed to shield the face from wind and snow without restricting breathing, neoprene ski masks cover the neck and face area to various degrees, depending on the style (half mask or full mask).

All of our ski masks and snowboard masks are made from neoprene, which was first developed in the 1930s. Since then has been used for a whole range of different products – including Ski Mask, Snowboard Mask and Motorcycle Mask. The biggest reason for its success comes down to the fact that Neoprene is extremely durable and useful – being waterproof, warm, resistant to chemicals, abrasion-resistant and more.

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